Claimed Races

About Claimed Races

  • Claimed Races are races that you are associated with, and we have your email address as a contact for the race, and that email address is the one associated with your Login.
  • We DO NOT display your email address on our site.
  • We DO NOT give out your email address.
  • We will send you an email:
    • when we update your race listing
    • if we have a question about your race
    • if we find a problem with your race listing
    • if we have a suggestion for improving your webpage or listing
  • If we find your email on your race website, we will add it as a contact for that race... so you may have claimed races, even if you did not claim them yourself.
  • To claim a race, find the race in our directory, then click    
  • To unclaim a race, find your claimed race in the list above then click    
  • You must Create an Account and Log In to claim races.

  • If you have multiple email addresses for race contacts, you will need to create multiple Logins. We plan to allow multiple email addresses in the future.