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Site News

Brand New Shiny Website Coming - Feb 25, 2018
Announced on February 6, 2018

Running in the USA will be getting a face lift. A brand new responsive site is almost ready to be launched. We are just finishing the final touches.

These changes are MOSTLY just cosmetic.

The directory searching and listing features are not going to be changing.

Here is what IS changing:
  • Mobile Friendly
    The site will work much much nicer on mobile devices.
  • Modernizing Styles
    We are jumping up to the 2010s with the current trends in styles and formatting.
  • Friendlier URLs
    We are jumping up to the 2010s with the current trends in URL formatting, and making it a bit easier for search engines. We aren't fully friendly yet, but we are making progress.
  • Improvements for Submitting Race Events
    We are improving the way you can select and enter race events when submitting a new race or updating a race. It should be easier and more flexible.
  • Reporting a Problem with a Race Listing
    We've made it easy to report a problem with a listing in our directory... problems to report could include: discontinued race, postponed race, bad link, incorrect information.
  • Run-Time is getting a few improvements.
    We have made it easier to use, easier to find, and are explaining its features a little better.
  • The Results Directory will be discontinued.
    It accounts for less than 1% of our traffic, and we just don't have the resources to properly maintain it. We will be changing our tagline to "The largest online directory of races and clubs."
  • Webmaster Mary's Blog won't be available.
    Mary hasn't written a blog in years, and we won't be building the interface required to display the dusty old blogs.
  • The 'Mobile Friendly' version will be discontinued.
    Since the whole site will be mobile friendly, there won't be a need for this separate format. Furthermore, it only accounts for less than 1% of our traffic.
We expect to launch the new site on February 25, 2018.
More About the Recent Changes - Aug 28, 2017
We conducted a short survey on Aug 27, 2017, and learned that most people are happy with our site, and happy with the recent changes. Based on some of the comments, I feel it would be helpful to further share with you the reasons for the changes to our site.

Our current site is using 10 year old technology. We have experienced growth over the last 10 years in both the size of our directory, and the amount of visitors and traffic. The site evolved into something that could not keep up with the current demands. Page load times were increasing.

Over the years, as features were patched on, we ended up with things that were mis-named, out of place, or hard to find.

We needed to streamline things for both performance reasons, and organization reasons, as well as start using some modern technologies and features that internet users expect.

Our goal is to provide the most efficient way for people to find the race information they are looking for. We cannot please everyone, no one can.

We have been using our Facebook Page to offer help with the changes. There are many discussions there, as well as a photo album for Website Tips.

We welcome questions, suggestions, requests, bug reporting, constructive criticism. We answer all of our email. If there is something specific you do not like, we are happy to address it.

We have also gotten several rude and nasty emails, insulting us, threatening us, demanding we fire people, demanding we bring back features (features that never left). For those of you doing this... 1. Learn some manners. 2. It's not your website. 3. We are a husband and wife team and we are not firing anyone. 4. If you cannot give us a specific issue to address, and simply hate everything about our site, then please go use another resource. Just like... If you don't like the food that a restaurant serves, then don't go there to eat.

More changes ARE coming. We are still using 10 year old technology and need to migrate to modern technology before we become completely obsolete.
Site Changes - July 11, 2017
A Little Clean Up
The City to City Distance is back... when searching within specified miles of a city, the distance from the event's city to the specified city is shown in miles. And we added a link to Google Map Directions too.

We did a little decluttering of the listing page, getting rid of duplicate links. Still the same access to the same features, but with plain words instead of indicator icons.
Up Next...
We are working on some under-the-hood components to further improve site performance.
Site Changes - July 10, 2017
All Races + Events + Runs Directory
You can search across all race directories. The all inclusive race directory does not support distance or event type filtering. To filter by distance or event type, you will need to select one of the 3 category race directories: Classic Races, Multisport Events, Variety Runs
Bug Fixes
Double Stater - the Miles Between Cities and Days Apart selections weren't working properly. They are now.

Marathon States by Weeks - this had a teenie tinie bug that made most of the marathons not show up. Doh! Fixed.

Odds are good, there are a few bugs still lingering. If you find one, please let us know.
Still to come...
The city search mileage has temporarily disappeared. When searching within specified miles of a specified city, the mileage between each event's city and the specified city has gone missing. It will be back soon.
Site Changes - June 29, 2017
We made a few changes to our site. We added many search features, we improved our search algorithm to make our pages load faster, and divided our race directory into 3 categories: Classic Races, Multisport Events, Variety Runs.

All of the features of our old site are still here. They just might have a different name, or new way to get there.

Our site has grown over the last several years, and changes were necessary to provide more search options, while making the site run faster.

We also are beginning the process of making the site work better on mobile devices.

If you are having trouble finding your favorite feature, and still can't find it after reading the rest of this page, feel free to email us and ask for help.

We welcome feedback... good or bad. We want to make our site an enjoyable experience for you. If there's something you'd like changed, adjusted, added, or removed, feel free to let us know. And if you let us know nicely, without threats or insults, we like that even better.
New Race Directories
Classic Races
Regular races where running is the primary activity: road runs, trail runs, track meets and stair climbs.
Multisport Event
Triathlons, Duathlons, Aquathons
Variety Runs
Events that include a non-running/swimming/biking component: Guided tour, obstacles, mud, bubbles, color, foam, zombies, scavenger hunts, solve clues, eat a burrito, drink a beer, wear high heels, carry your wife, etc.
Searching All Directories
Though there isn't an option to search all directories at once, we've made it easy for you to repeat the same search in each directory. At the bottom of the list page, you will find links for comparable searches in the other 2 directories.

Update - July 8, 2017 We are currently working on accommodating searching across all directories, in addition to the separated directories.
New Names for Old Features
Weekend List
Now called States by Weeks

We expanded this to not only work for marathons, but for any event type, and distance.

We also added quick links to let you view the events quicker.
Now called Counts by Month

We added more filtering options, and made the page load faster by splitting the results into multiple pages.

We also added quick links to let you view the events quicker.
50 Stater Gadget
Now called Double Stater

We expanded this to not only work for marathons, but for any event type, and distance.
New Features
Filter by Any Distance
You can now specify any distance range when searching for races.
Filter by Event Type
You can filter by Trail Run, Track Meet, Stair Climb, Triathlon, Duathlon, Running Tour, Novelty Run, etc. etc. etc.
Expanded Features
Filter by County
You could do this before, but it wasn't easy to find.
Filter by City
You could do this before, but it wasn't easy to find.

We also made it much easier to search for races within specified miles of a city.