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Privacy Policy

What we do (and don't do) with Email Addresses
We use email addresses internally, to keep track of contacts for races, clubs, photos, and other submitted items. We also gather email addresses that are publicly displayed on running related websites.

Here's is what we do, and don't do with Email Addresses in our database:
  • We honor every request to stop sending you emails.
  • If you are the contact of a race, or club, we will send you periodic emails requesting updated race/club info, or letting you know we updated your race/club info. Unless you've asked us not to.
  • We occasionally send an introductory email to an email address found on running related sites, inviting you to visit our website. This is sent by an actual human (usually Mary) who truly pressed a 'Send' button, not an automated services that sends bazillions of emails at a time. And we will only send this email once to any given email address.
  • We Never sell, give, lend, email addresses we collect. Even if someone asks really nice, or offers us lots of money.
  • We will tell you where and when we found your email, upon request.
  • We hope to one day have an opt-in newsletter, but I think we have had that wish for a few years now. Please don't hold your breath on this.
Runner's Names in Race Results
We do not have control over what names are published in race results. However, we can help you contact the person who does. If your name is listed in races results, and you would like your name removed, we'll help you find the right person who can do that.

For future reference: It is common practice for race results to be listed on the internet. If you do not wish to be listed, most races will allow you to use an alias. Please NEVER run as a bandit to avoid being listed. Most race directors will remove you from the results at your request.
Registered Users
Your passwords are encrypted in the database. Other information is not. We have reasonable measures to prevent accidental and intentional tampering/viewing of your information that you've entered in Run-Time (formerly User Options).
Directory Listings
We scour the internet everyday looking for race results, races, and clubs to add to our directory. If your race results, race, or club should not be listed here for any reason, please let us know, and we will remove it.

For races and clubs, you can do this with an Update. When you find the race or club in our directory, click the Update icon. There is an option under 'Special Instructions' to have the race/club removed.

For results or photos, send us an email. Let us know the name, date, state and city of the results or photos to be removed.